These former and current San Marino Presidents, City Council Members, and Education Professionals endorse

Jane Chon for the San Marino School Board:

Jim Angelos

Lettie Aranda

Cynthia Ary

Jim Balbin

Julie Boucher

Ann Boutin

Eileen Cameron

Jennifer Chen

Jacki Chuang


Jennifer Chuang

Deborah Dawes

Jay Fuerst

Nicolette Fuerst

Dan Giddings

Jennifer Giles

Liz Hollingsworth

Nam Jack

Marisa Kelly


Dennis Kneier

Liz Kneier

Sylvia Koh

Jennifer Lee

Mike Lee

Chris Maling

Alison Moller

Kathryn Oliveros

Stephanie Perry

Christina Pink

Krishna Rao

Lauren Shen

Helen Spitzer

Becki Watlington

Karen Wicke

Daisy Wilson

Allan Yung

Jane is Grateful to be endorsed and supported by

These San Marino Parents and Community Leaders

Sri Abboy and Ramesh Kesavalu

Debbie and Tim Agajanian

Illona and Chris Anderson

Sophia and Jim Angelos

Cynthia and Vincent Ary

Donna and Jim Balbin

Erin and Brent Bilvado

Claudia Boles

Julie Boucher

Ann Boutin

Emily Burke

Lynda and Joe Cabigas

Eileen and Curtis Cameron

Brett Canon

Michele Canon

Michele and Tom Carter

Darbin and Wayne Chan

Mandy Chan

Chun-Yen Chen

Jennifer Chen

Wendy and Derek Cheng

Doris Cheung

Cecile and Jeff Chiu

Toby and Michael Chou

Jacki and Gene Chuang

Jennifer and Alan Chuang

Jamie Conzonire 

Joelle Conzonire Grossi and Ben Grossi

Zeina and Imad Daoud

Beth and Kris Davis

Deborah Dawes

Steve Domier

Lynn and Steve Eriksen

Michele and Andy Esbenshade

Cheryl and John Freiburg

Karen and Jonathan Fu

Nicolette and Jay Fuerst

Jaime and Peter Gertmenian

Catherine and Dan Giddings

Jennifer and Mark Giles

Jocelyn Go Young

Mei and Eric Griffis

Karen and Mike Harrigian

Lisa Herren

Julie and Trent Hill

Brenda and Wilbert Ho

Liz and Mike Hollingsworth

Betty Hutchinson

Nam Jack

Frannie and Dan Jett

Tracey and Jerrold Jue

Jocelyn Kan and Allen Lu

Jennifer and Kyu Kang

Marisa and Bryan Kelly

Sarah and Bernard Kim

Liz and Dennis Kneier

Sylvia and Peter Koh

Sean Ky and Richard Lord

Joyce and Bruce Lafko

Jennifer and Mike Lee

Suzie and Eric Lee

Lauren Lim and Jeffrey Hong

Soo and Eric Lin

Joyce and Richard Lin

Renita and James Lin

Marguerite Lindsay

Anel Lopez Gorham and Christopher Gorham

Lulu and Gabriel Lopez

Sharon Lu and Matt Morris

Blythe and Chris Maling

Maggie Mar and Ken Yue

Judy Mena

Debbie and Bryan Merryman

Alison and Erik Moller

Amy and Dave Morris

Jeff Morris

Sue Nesnas

Cathy and Joel Newton

Kathryn and James Oliveros

Stacey and Edward Paek

Natalia and Louis Pastis

Jan and Dick Pearson

Stephanie Perry

Christina and Matt Pink

Karen Preston

Evette and John Ramsay

Krishna and Purush Rao

Jennifer and Raymond Rindone

Lindsey Rosvall

Patty and Spencer Sabo

Maurice Saldebar

Lauren and Jerry Shen

Jenny Sievers and Richard Anthony

Dania Sigler and Jim Tripodes

Kate Simon

Tina Siu

Wendy and Robert Solis

Kim Spindler

Helen Spitzer

Kim and Ted Sutherland

Angela Sze

Amanda and Roland Tam

Su and Soon-Min Tan

Epi Ruiz and Andrea Telleria

Jessica Tran and Raygan Duong

Jean and Conrad Tseng

Tammy and Ken Wang

Becki and Alex Watlington

Karen and Bob Wicke

Daisy and Jon Wilson

Gloria and Victor Wong

Alisa Yang and Peter Huynh

Esther and Felix Yao

Chris Yau

Magnolia and Michael Ycasas

Tammy Yi and Tony Hwang

Catherine Yu and Vincent Wong

Cindy and Michael Yung

Nancy and Allan Yung

The future of our schools is at stake. Now more than ever, we need leadership to formulate a comprehensive Educational Master Plan. We must address the immediate and long-term needs of our students by creating bold new opportunities for personal and academic growth. Students of SMUSD must be prepared to be globally competitive leaders for the new world that lies before them.

Pride.  Passion.  Purpose.

These are the pillars of our community. 

San Marino is celebrated for its close-knit and safe environment, unique in Los Angeles. The pride of our community is reflected in events that we miss most in the midst of this pandemic – 4th of July at Lacy Park, Memorial Day honoring our veterans, City Club meetings, Grad Night, and so forth. The close-knit relationships built on years of service has lent itself to memorable school events that we will have to reimagine or forego this year, such as the Hauntington Breakfast, Valentine’s Fall Fair, Titan football games, and the Carver Carnival.

And yet, in the midst of all this, there is still a PRIDE for San Marino that continues. It is visible in the commitment of our businesses in creating safe shopping spaces for our families, neighborly Trading Post giveaways, and sidewalk art that celebrates the resilience of our community. It is this PRIDE that inspires people to serve our students in PTA and to donate to the San Marino Schools Foundation. It is this PRIDE that inspires our children to do more and to be more so they can take their accomplishments and give back to the larger community after graduation. It is this PRIDE that brings so many of our San Marino High School alumni to return and raise their families here. And it is this PRIDE that drives me to serve the San Marino schools.

For the last decade, I have served our San Marino students and schools PASSIONATELY across the different school sites. As my children span nearly 12 years, I have accompanied them through the elementary, middle, and high school experiences. I have graduated two children, and have two more in San Marino schools; I will be a SMUSD parent for at least another decade. Throughout each stage, I have served to support and innovate for all the students. From the early days of being a classroom volunteer to my most recent roles as Grad Night Co-Chair and Schools Reopening Task Force Parent Rep, my PASSION to support our public schools continues the work I started 25 years ago. 

As a graduate student at Stanford University School of Education, I studied the impacts of teaching and learning, school reform, and the need for reliable research to inform decision-making. Projects that looked at how teachers instruct their students and how school programs are evaluated for maximum effectiveness have been subjects that I have been studying PASSIONATELY for over two decades. My experience working with school leaders in education research in Princeton, New Jersey, informed my efforts to find a public school system that exemplified excellence and community values. The San Marino Unified School District is an exemplary public school system that consistently provides a high-quality education for exceptional students. I will passionately advance the District’s efforts to offer more academic opportunities in and out of the classroom, to support student wellness, and to support efforts to align curriculum and instruction.  

The PURPOSE and future success of our District will rely on creating a sustainable and comprehensive Educational Master Plan that balances successfully preparing our students for life after high school while supporting student wellness.  We will need to take a closer look at the goals of our school district in four key area: finances, curriculum & instruction, facilities and community engagement. A comprehensive plan can then inform SMUSD’s planning, decision-making, and resource allocations. 


This fall will be an election unlike any other. In the midst of a pandemic that has upended life as we know it, we are working together as a community with a sense of Pride, Passion, and Purpose. With your support, engagement, and most importantly, YOUR VOTE, we can work together to envision a plan for the future of the San Marino Unified School District.

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