The PURPOSE and future success of our District will rely on creating a sustainable and comprehensive Educational Master Plan that balances successfully preparing our students for life after high school while supporting student wellness.  By taking a closer look at the goals of our school district in four key areas, we can use that Educational Master Plan in SMUSD’s planning, decision-making, and resource allocations.

Financial accountability is the first area that must be addressed to ensure stability in our schools and community. Curriculum and instruction must be evaluated to ensure student learning is meaningful and relevant.  Additionally, deferred maintenance and facilities modernization must match the educational goals and needs of the student experience. Lastly, continued engagement and action from our community to inform and support the schools is critical in meeting these goals.

The ability to quickly assess the needs of our schools will require someone who is intimately familiar with all of our schools’ needs, and the larger educational issues we are facing. The reopening of the schools during the 2020-21 and 2021-22 school years will be critical issues as the district makes plans with an eye to learning effectiveness and student health and safety. One of the first jobs of the newly constituted School Board will be to address the March 2021 Parcel Tax Election. Easing the financial burdens on our community while finding ways to increase revenue will be a critical need on which the Board must work collaboratively and effectively. 

The newly constituted Board will need to be ready to make informed decisions that will inspire and protect the legacy of the San Marino Unified School District.

Community & Parent Partnerships
Financial Accountability
Facilities Modernization
Curriculum & Instruction